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Our website rules and guidelines

Please follow these guidelines to help keep this a safe and friendly environment:

  • Be polite: Don’t post anything which could be considered offensive, abusive, or hate speech.

  • Remain thoughtful: Don’t post in threads which could harm people who visit this website. This website is meant to be a safe place to share both positive and negative mental experiences. Please keep this in mind while using this platform.

  • Be courteous towards each other: Please keep it friendly, don’t harass or trouble anyone, impersonate people, or expose their private information.

  • Protect your and other people’s privacy: Don’t forget this is a public forum. Search engines index these discussions. It is important that you don’t expose your identity or the identity of others. Please follow safe internet practices.

  • Respect our platform and the people who run it: Please follow the instructions given by the people running this platform.

Posts that may be deleted

The following types of posts may be eligible for deletion:

  • Posts containing (personal) insults, attacks, attempts at provocation, or flaming

  • Sexist, racist, ageist, homophobic, transphobic, or disablist posts

  • Sexually explicit or obscene posts

  • Posts containing offensive or harmful material, including explicit descriptions of self-harm methods, pro-anorexia posts and mention of specific suicide methods

  • Posts mentioning the names of specific services you use or have used and real names of individuals working in them where your or another person’s privacy may be at risk

  • Posts that are intolerant of beliefs/religions

  • Religious preaching/proselytising

  • Opinions that are portrayed as facts

  • Personal and or private information such as your name, address, phone number, or your e-mail address, etc. 

  • Information that the moderators of this platform might see as a risk for your personal safety.

  • Threads about particular members (e.g. “I miss …”, “What happened to…?”, etc.)

  • Copyrighted material

  • Political opinions used to start a discussion

  • Irrelevant posts

  • Swear words in the titles

  • Posts not in English

  • Advertising (without prior permission) and spam

  • Duplicate posts

  • Links to blogs.

  • Discussions of moderation decisions made on our platform. 

  • Posts about other people (their problems/struggles/experiences).

The owners of the platform reserve the right to edit or delete any post for any reason.


Personal safety

Do not post anything which could lead to your identity becoming known or that could risk your personal safety. 

Please do not give out any private and or personal information such as your name, address, phone number, or e-mail address to others when using this platform. Everything you post on this platform is public and any personal information you        might share could stay on the internet forever. 

When making/posting a comment the name you give up will be visible and public. The email necessary to make a comment will not be visible and or public. 

In the future a messaging system to get in touch more personally with other users of the platform might be implemented.

As long as that function is not existing yet, we ask you not to share private or personal details/ information on our pages.

By using this platform you agree to these rules and guidelines and therefore are held accountable for your actions on this platform.

Air Pressure

Compare to life, the real one.

Life should not be just about the positive stories. Neither should it be focused on just the negative experiences. Healthy life experiences both. Sometimes one more than the other.

When the norm seems to be that we should all be happy as much as we can, we got ourselves the formula to be unhappy. 

This platform wants to show both stories. The ones that make us happy ánd the ones that make us unhappy.

With the first goal to make the people that feel bad see that they are not alone. 

And next to that to make a truly reflective place of how a human life is;

Happy. Unhappy. Unhappy. Happy. In between both. Both in the same day. Happy. Unhappy. And so on.

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