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The Experience we Need

Other ways of expressing:

Music is many times felt as something in which we can really express our emotions. It can serve as an excellent tool to help us process our thoughts and emotions. When we feel sad, lonely or angry we listen to specific songs. And when we feel happy, secure or invincible we listen to other songs. Let's collect all these songs and see what we are listening to when we feel good or bad. What song represents your mood?


Let's help each other by sharing music !

Reading can calm us in moments where we feel bad and in moments where we feel good. Further more; books can make us read experiences of others. Fiction or not. It can make us find peace and learn how different characters cope with their situations. 

Reading definitely makes the mind more peaceful and can even teach us a thing or two. The book you read can be an important one to read for someone else. What books do you recommend? 


Lets help each other by sharing books !

Movies can sometimes give a different picture of how life really is. 

So to compare our lives to those that happen in movies wouldn't be fair. But movies dó have the ability to cheer us up or let us live emotions. What are some movies you would advice others to see? 

Which ones represent a bad feeling for you the best? And which ones represent a happy feeling for you?


Let's help each other by sharing movies !

The Good, the Bad and the Both

A website fully designed for mental experiences.

Those experiences that each one of us live; day by day, week by week, year by year.

This website is meant to give you a voice when you feel bad ánd when you feel good. 

Your experience, whatever it is, might really help someone else. 

To show they are not alone in how they feel or what they go through. Or it might help them in a practical way in their daily life. 

The place to share how we feel. Every minute, hour, month or even once a year.

Life exist of both the good and the bad experiences. 


Instead of chasing for endless positivity we might find help in embracing a life of positivity ánd negativity. And to open up about both. 

How you feel described in one word

Ok maybe two

The name you choose will be visible to others. Your email address will not be visible to others.

To those who share their story;

Thank you. 

 My struggle, Your experience, Our solution 

Your biggest community with experience ; the whole world !

We help each other by opening up.

Whatever your story is; we're all listening !


My struggle


Your experience

Our solution

- Always try to contact a professional when you are in need of help. This website is meant to fulfill a supportive role and we hope it can help you.

But it is important to know that we are not professional help.

- When you are in an emergency situation always call the emergency number of your country.

There is always people that can help you out of your situation!

 List of (most) emergency telephone numbers per country - Wikipedia 

- This is a place where we can be sensitive so we ask you to be respectful and not to judge anyone. Respect everyones limit and let's respect every individual for who they are.

- Hateful speech or any kind of violence against users of this platform will not be tolerated. We are here to try and make a better place for people, not worse. 

- When we try to help someone let's try not to forget to follow their lead. To help in a way they feel comfortable with.

Life is the positive ánd the negative.

Let's speak about both, mirror ourselves to both and get a better balance in our lives.

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